Two of Pentacles

For the third 78Tarot deck, with the theme of Astral. I had a lot of fun with the vintage feeling of this, and the figure and elements are actually cut out and pasted on... with glitter glue. Acrylics, Copic markers, colored pencil, gel pen - it's a kitchen sink painting.

The twos in tarot are all about balance. The two of pentacles, in particular, is about balance of earthly things – wealth, business, and communication most specifically. Here we have an astronaut who is balanced in space, indicating the rich-looking, pentacle-adorned space ship she is attached to, and a satellite, which represents communication and more spiritual needs. It can be a tricky balance, complicated even further by blazing rocket boots! The infinity symbol from the traditional Rider Waite deck is hinted at in the curve of her tether, implying that the figure in question can handle an unlimited number of problems. Below her, a cold-war Russia and Alaska face each other under aurora-lit skies, representing outside conflicts.

This card cautions us to manage our time well, and encourages us to remember that if we do, we can handle all the things life throws at us.

Original sold.

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