I have wanted to draw Gizelle since I first wrote about her. She appears first at the end of Tropical Tiger Spy, but she doesn't get a speaking role until the following book. Book seven is hers, and let me tell you, this is a challenging book. (I'm always up for a challenge, in case you couldn't tell by the foliage in this picture...)

I did the rough sketch almost 2 years ago when I was still secret-Zoe, and sadly put it aside because I knew I wouldn't be able to share it.

When I found out I WAS going to be able to share that I was writing as Zoe Chant, the very first thing I did was sit down and copy that sketch onto a big piece of paper and dig in.

This page is included in Splendrix, my fourth full-size solo coloring book.

This design is available on the following products:

Original, $250.00

Splendrix, $10.00

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