It was also about this time that I discovered Mercedes Lackey. Her books are like candy - all fluff and hard to put down. I got immediately sucked into her fanclub, Queen's Own, which is still alive and kicking online. Through this fanclub, I got penpals. Internet and email were still something that college administrators and die-hard geeks only knew about. We had a computer (because my father fell into the former... possibly the latter, too), but I mostly used it to write really awful stuff and play single-player, text-based RPGs before they were popular. They had some graphics, now that I think about it, but just weren't fancy. You booted the computer from a floppy. A 5" floppy. None of this Windoze stuff, you had to know the commands to boot the computer, or you just got a blinky command prompt and nothing happened. I AM old. >.< It was mostly the Valdemar setting that I played in. I created a character, Calliste, who was, at least LESS of a Mary Sue than Solo. In fact, I'd learned a lot. Calliste was short and a little dumpy and had freckles and was unbearably cheerful and probably Resla (we'll get to her in a year or two) picked up a few of her traits. Don't think she didn't have angst! But it was less. This was my best friend's character, Danae, and my character's best friend. (Yes, this and Tolnam, below are both from 1992, actually - I just found another sketchbook, but they were at least late 1992. I think. I honestly wasn't great about dating stuff, and would often sketch things and go back and work on them later.)

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