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So, Moonlight Masquerade, as previously mentioned, was this awesome small-press publication. Really well done for it's time and size, big 8.5 x 11, folded staple-bound style, the initial several issues had several color pages. Nicely put together with a lot of love and dedication. We didn't get paid anything to do artwork or stories for it, not even free copies, but I'm not sniffling. I felt amply rewarded by the thrill, and Nicole, the publisher, would run ads for my business. I picked up several long-term clients through them! Heh. Okay, utter humiliation time! After a few back-and-forths in which I dumped a lot of artwork on poor Nicole, she asked me to be a featured artist. Wahoo! Joy! Wee! Of course, I didn't have a lot of colored work, and for these issues, the featured artist got two color plates. This was one of mine. I wish, as with the other plate (below), that I could blame poor copying on how awful they looked, but really, I didn't know contrast from a hole in the wall, and my control of the media was horrid. The anatomy is weird (in both), and it's... just not the hottest work ever done. Still, I felt pretty good about myself! My work held up pretty well next to the other artists in the issues I'd seen. Until I got the issue *before* I was to be the featured artist. That feature artist was Stephanie Law, and her work was *gorgeous* and reproduced well and made me want to smash my paints. I didn't, but I looked at the issue following (where I was featured) and felt a little small and weak. I was also fairly motivated to work more on the glaring errors I saw in everything... Acrylic on board.

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