Family Ties and Torn Skies

This collection of stories, poetry and artwork includes work by a dozen creators. Beautifully illustrated and gracefully laid out, this volume is a great jumping-in point for the world itself, with information blurbs throughout to give just a hint of the world-building detail that has been developed. This volume includes 32 stories, 5 poems, and pages of artwork. The trade paperback is 5 x 7.5 inches, 266 pages, perfect bound, with a full-color wraparound cover by Ellen Million. Interior illustrations are black and white. Content is suitable for a general audience.
: $14.99

Features work by: Misti ~ Anon ~ Jessica Douglas ~ Layla Lawlor ~ Jenny Heidewald ~ Valerie Joanne Higgins ~ Lorna (Comtessa) ~ Amy Waller ~ Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon ~ Ellen Million ~ Elizabeth Barrette ~

In a world where time itself has been torn, family is more important than ever. Explore concepts of kinship - by blood and by choice - in a setting that spans lush rainforests, monster-infested seas, wild valleys, and frozen mountains. Journey between the strictly licensed, steam-powered cities of the southern Empire and the small communal villages in the north that believe they are alone in the world. Meet the varied people and cultures who define family in so many different ways. Glimpse mysteries unique to the temporal structure of Torn World and search for answers to universal questions about belonging and relating. Torn World writers, artists and poets brings fresh new visions of family and coming of age to the printed page. Blurring the lines between science fiction and fantasy and bending the rules of time itself, Torn World invites you to tear into a new kind of shared world. VERY LIMITED STOCK.

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