Art of the Business of Fantasy Art - EMG-Zine Anthology 2006

The 2006 anthology of EMG-Zine, this collection is a treasure trove of information about art, writing, business, marketing as well as a showcase of the best from our fiction and artwork from 2006. Hysterical, serious and frightening by turn, this book is straight-forward dirt from the artists and writers in the trenches, and bound to become a dog-eared favorite. And hey, you can't go too wrong with something that starts with a chicken and an egg and ends with 'Let there be light!' 118 pages, 40 in color, glossy pages, 8.5 x 11, ISBN: 978-1-933603-15-5

List price: $25.00
anthology: $10.00

Features work by: Sarah B. Seiter ~ Jayde ~ Joseph ~ Pierre Carles ~ Carmen ~ Jennifer Broschinsky ~ Evelyn Wong ~ Niamh O'Connor ~ Tiziano Baracchi ~ Victoria Griffin ~ Shelah ~ Jenny Heidewald ~ Maria J. William ~ Jeff Ward ~ Kiriko Moth ~ Shelah ~ Jennifer Broschinsky ~ Laura Law ~ Patrick McEvoy ~ Mandy R. ~ Nicole Cadet ~ Deborah ~ Fyrebyrd ~ Valentin Schönbeck ~ Mich ~ Sylvia ~ Crystal ~ Uneide ~ Valerie Joanne Higgins ~ Cris ~ Joleen Flasher ~ Gretchen Sveda ~ Dawn Obrecht ~ Klawzie ~ Calypso ~ toeknuckles ~ Megan Myers ~ R Bail ~ Green Dragon ~ Missy ~ Ellen Million ~ Liiga ~ Ursula Vernon ~ Janet Chui ~ Annie Rodrigue ~

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