Brain Celebration

A coloring book of zombies! 20 pages of the undead at their gory best. This coloring book features Elisa Chong, Ellen Million, Stefania Russo, Erika Harm, Nikki Burnette, Becca Moore, and Mitzi Sato-Wiuff. Artwork ranges from gorgeous (slightly rotting) pinup beauties to gory, violent, brain-eating frenzies, with moments of silly humor and nudity. Definitely not for the kiddies! Difficulty level: Challenging.


List price: $8.00
coloring book: $7.00

Features work by: Stefania Russo ~ Pierre Carles ~ Miss Harm ~ Mitzi Sato-Wiuff ~ Geeky Bat ~ Nikki Burnette ~ Ellen Million ~ Elisa Chong ~

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Download a free coloring page sampler to print and color! (6M PDF)


I really love this coloring book. I have quite a few Ellen Million Graphics coloring books and I enjoy them all. The pictures in this book are designed by several different artists so their is a wide variety of styles. I love the comedy that is showcased in some of the photos and I really loved how relatable some are, such as the student 'zombie' going to the art store as I myself am a design major. ~Krista (on Amazon)

Zombies creep me out, so I got this for a friend who enjoys them. She is very happy :) Zia King (on Amazon)

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