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Ellen Million is currently a full-time author. She writes a variety of fiction, most of it under her pen name Elva Birch. Follow Ellen writing as Elva Birch at Facebook, join her Reader's Retreat, support her on Patreon, or get free stories by subscribing to her newsletter!

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The Royal Dragons of Alaska

Romance, magic, and deadly secrets in an alternate Alaska ruled by a dragon-shifting monarchy.

Royal inheritance in the Small Kingdoms Alliance is dictated by a magical document, the Compact, which selects those who rule by finding them a mate. But what happens when there's more than one?

Reluctant royalty! Relentless enemies! Dogs! Camping! Disability! Libraries! Forced proximity! Soulmates!

Discover a rich, interesting world just askew of familiar, with supportive heroes and diverse heroines. Fast-paced and full of feeling, fall in love with a kingdom where being royalty is more hiking boots and hockey than it is crowns and curtsies. A complete six-book series with a thrilling conclusion!

You can also buy ebooks on Amazon or read it for free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription, here!

Complete paperback collection

All six paperbacks, sketched and signed, with US shipping included. (Contact me for international shipping costs!)


Individual paperbacks, sketched and signed.

$16 each

The World of Instinct (A Day Care for Shifters)

What do you do if you're a single parent with a shifter kid? Obviously, you need a day care for shifters! Adorable shifter kids steal the spotlight in this sweet-swoony series! Each book stands alone. Start with Wolf's Instinct or First Comes Love (illustrated)! Can you imagine being a single mother when your toddler suddenly changed into a fluffy baby penguin? This series is in Kindle Unlimited!

Complete (to date) paperback collection

Five paperbacks, sketched and signed, with US shipping included. Includes Wolf's Instinct, Dragon's Instinct, Unicorn's Instinct, Gryphon's Instinct, & First Comes Love. (Contact me for international shipping costs!)


Individual paperbacks, sketched and signed.

$16 each

Shifting Sands Resort

Fated mates, hot sand, sizzling romance, and intriguing mysteries. Escape to a tropical resort for shifters on an island full of secrets! Shifting Sands Resort was my first complete series, spanning ten books, two story collections and (new in 2023!) a holiday novella. It is available in two different ways - as individual titles and collections (in the order they were released), or in my preferred format, the omnibus edition, which has the novels mixed up with the short stories in the best reading order (except for Thawing His Hart, which was published later)! This series is in Kindle Unlimited and in Audible.

Complete Hardcover Collection

This amazing box includes all four volumes of the Shifting Sands Resort Omnibus, in gorgeous jacketed hardcover with metal corners, and Thawing His Hart—each one signed and sketched. You'll also get a selection of postcards, bookmarks, and your choice of earrings or a keychain from teensy mini-book charms! It all ships in a priority flat rate box, and US shipping is included in the price. (Contact me for international shipping costs!)


Individual omnibus hardcovers, sketched and signed. US shipping is included in this price - they are big and heavy! (Contact me for international shipping costs)

$42 each

Individual paperbacks, sketched and signed.

$16 each

Shifting Sands Swag Pack: $7.50
This is a collection of four signed bookplates, and a selection of bookmarks and postcards, available internationally with shipping included.

Sketched Shifting Sands Swag Pack: $20.00
As above, but your bookplates are sketched as well as signed!

Shifting Sands book charm earrings or keychains: $20.00
Darling little books with actual (blank) pages. Price includes US or International shipping.

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Lawn Ornament Shifters

The concept that started as an April Fool's joke, but turned out to be a hilarious and heartfelt series with a variety of shifters and mythical creatures. This series is in Kindle Unlimited, start with The Flamingo's Fated Mate!

Individual paperbacks

Sketched and signed.

$11 each

2" vinyl sticker.
US and international shipping included.

$3 each
$2.50 each for 2-4, $2.00 each for 5+, mix and match designs

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Fae Shifter Knights (The Glass Knights Series)

A complete and hilarious portal fantasy series, where knights trapped in glass ornaments are brought to a world of wonders like refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, and ham sandwiches and have to discover how to unlock their powers with the help of clever, capable women with the key to their hearts (and their adorable pets). This series is in Kindle Unlimited, start with Dragon of Glass!

Complete paperback collection

Four paperbacks, sketched and signed, with US shipping included.

(Please note - this series will be available in hardcover and audio in 2025!)

Individual paperbacks, sketched and signed.

$16 each

Green Valley Shifters

A sweet and sexy small-town series with single dads, spinsters, and shifters. Each one is a sizzling standalone with heart-warming, found-family humor, hunky shifters, and swoony second chances. A complete 6-book series! Available in Kindle Unlimited -- start with Dancing Bearfoot or the first Collection. Also available in Audible!

Complete paperback collection

Two omnibus paperbacks, sketched and signed, with US shipping included.


Individual collection paperbacks, sketched and signed.

$22 each

Suddenly Shifters

Suddenly Shifters is an ongoing series of novellas and short stories (so far!) exploring the quiet town of Anders Canyon, where something very weird is happening. Each story is a self-standing tale of unexpectedly becoming a shifter. Hilarious and full of heart, start with Something in the Water for short, satisfying, spicy shifter reads for a quick afternoon escape! Except for Throw Me a Bone, this series is in Kindle Unlimited. Also available at Audible.

Collection 1, Paperback

Sketched and signed, this volume includes Something in the Water, Abruptly a Bear, Throw Me a Bone, and Hare Today.


Suddenly Squirrel

Sketched and signed paperback.


Throw Me a Bone - ebook

A short, hilarious, fade-to-black M/M story in the Suddenly Shifters series! Instant download, no shipping cost.


Birch Hearts

Birch Hearts is a collection of short stories and novellas by Elva Birch, full of romance, adventure, and magic. Shifters, witches, spaceships, and swords…these stories aren’t always straight, but they are always straight-up fun. They don’t share a setting, but they all celebrate diversity and growth, and you know you’ll get a satisfying conclusion in a bite-sized book. And always? A touch of the impossible and irresistible.

Get Better Half, a novella about a woman fleeing her past, free when you subscribe to the Elva Birch mailing list.


Hers at First Sight; 10 Sapphic Stories of Love and Magic is a sizzling sapphic collection of magic and enchantment, with fated mates, steampunk, fantasy, and urban fantasy! Includes three novellas—Fire Control, All Manner of Hats, and To Catch a Cat—and six short stories: Sleeping Arrangements, Dragonfly Days, Living Alone, New Girls, Slippery When What?, and Memories of Magic.

Paperback, signed and sketched: $16.00

Digital Novellas

Instantly download novellas for any ereader or tablet.

$2.49 each
To Catch a Cat - a lesbian fated mates romance romp. Brittany loses her cat and her sexy next door neighbor comes to the rescue! More than one cat will be captured... (Please note, this story is included in Hers at First Sight!)

Ebook: $2.49 or buy on Amazon

(More coming soon!)

Digital Shorts

(Coming soon!)

Stickers and Favorite Book Tracker for 2024

I drew this Book Tracker for my readers, and it is available as a free download here, or you can get a very limited number of postcards or bookmarks. I also have stickers!

Book Tracker pack

A book tracker postcard or bookmark, plus a selection of other cover postcards, one sticker (at random), and a second bookmark (not shown). US and international shipping included.



2" (approximately) vinyl stickers, waterproof and colorfast. US and international shipping included.

$3.00 for one
$2.50 each for 2-4
$2.00 each for 5 or more
Mix and match designs!

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