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Ellen Million writes a variety of fiction, some of it under the group pseudonym Zoe Chant. Her page at Torn World contains a large collection of short, interconnected stories set in the shared world that she created and opened up for other creators. (Some are reserved for subscribers, most are free!)

Shifting Sands Resort is her latest completed series as Zoe Chant. Start with TROPICAL TIGER SPY on Amazon, or jump in with the first Shifting Sands Resort Box Set.

DANCING BEARFOOT and the Green Valley Shifters series are also hers.

Find more of her spicy work under the name Elva Birch!

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~ Wile Away
A new hobby sweeps through Iremima's crew. (1525 words)
Keywords: torn world

~ Kin and Ink
Akaalekirth settles into her new life. (1920 words)

~ A Little Luck
A confrontation on the seas leads to experimentation with a new weapon. (1740 words)

~ Say No to the Empire
An employee of the Empire goes to work. (1375 words)

~ Darkening Skies
An eclipse causes many different reactions. (2600 words)

~ Railcrazy
A short Torn World story about an Empire citizen who dreams of a better job...
Keywords: torn world, short

~ Building Cities
Jerumal helps his little boys build a city out of blocks.

~ Paper Butterflies: Only Paper
Bai meets someone new while out 'wearing the white hat.'
Keywords: torn world, bai

~ Tame
A 200-word Torn World speed-write.
Keywords: Torn World

~ The Test
A story based on two illustrations by Melissa Findley: Mistletoe and Attending the Crow King.
Keywords: Jenny and Bjorn

~ Frozen
A writing exercise involving Jenny and Bjorn.
Keywords: Jenny and Bjorn

~ Elfwood Rants
This was written following a particularly nasty flamewar over at the livejournal community 'Elfwoodrants' (long gone from the Internet, now). I don't even recall what the topic of the disagreement was, but it spawned a rare fit of poetry. Pure silliness, really.
Keywords: silly

~ Elemental
A short, humorous story about a trip out into the snow and a spell gone wrong...
Keywords: Jenny and Bjorn

~ Tides of Blood and Music
A warsailor widow finds it hard to go on. (1600 words)

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