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~ Cleaning up Adult Coloring Book Pages
Scanning and cleaning linework for adult coloring book pages.
Keywords: technique, computers,

~ Kickstarter Clues
All about my first Kickstarter Campaign!
Keywords: kickstarter, business

~ Fair Use
What's really fair?

~ The Fine Art of Prints
Article based on a presentation I made at Dragon*Con.

~ Collaborative Projects
What they are, and how to get the most out of them. Originally published in EMG-Zine.

~ Seven Steps to Sales Supremacy
Originally published in EMG-Zine, this is a look at seven vital tips for turning your art into money.

~ So You Want to Take Commissions
Originally written for Woodworks Ezine. Updated and republished in EMG-Zine in May 2007.

~ Fixing Common Ink Jet Printer Errors
Tips and hints for solving common inkjet printer errors and fixing print flaws. Originally published in EMG-Zine.
Keywords: printing

~ Painting in the Rain
A painting adventure in the rain, and lots of advice for taking your own outdoor painting adventure.
Keywords: painting

~ Stitching Scans
Our example piece is a Portrait Adoption piece customized for and adopted by the lovely Carrianna! Originally published in EMG-Zine.

~ Cleaning Scans and Prepping for Print
Cleaning up scans! Originally published in EMG-Zine.

~ For the Love of Little Dots
How to stipple, and why to love it. Originally published in Woodworks E-zine.

~ Introduction to Inking
Getting started with inking. Originally published in Woodworks E-zine.

~ Making Stuff Pt 1
Part 1 of How to Make Stuff deals with prints and printers, and has lots of juicy printing tips!

~ How To Make Stuff Pt 2
How to make cards, bookmarks, mousepads, t-shirts, mugs and more... as well as a discussion of both transfer and screen-printing.

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