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~ Fishing For Free Art
Dos and don'ts of getting free art from hard working artists.

~ How Wide Is the Band?
What's hotlinking and bandwith?

~ How to Write an Article
Easy steps for writing quick and informative articles.

~ How Not to Get What You Want
A satirical guide in alienating, insulting and criticizing without actually accomplishing anything. Some colorful language.

~ An Overview of Art Files
Some tips and basic information about image files, files sizes, pixels, scanning and more. Originally published in Woodworks.

~ Getting Criticism
Getting the most out of a critique - and knowing when to disregard one.

~ Giving Criticism
How to give (good) criticism.

~ An Artist's Guide to Starting a Business
An overview of starting a business from your home; the legal and technical aspects, as well as practical hints and tips.
Keywords: featured, legal, contracts, taxes

~ Sidestepping Scams and Spam
Avoid scams and spam aimed at artists.

~ Just Do It
"Ellen," people ask me, "How do you do what you do?" The answer is a relatively simple - just do it!

~ What's This Bit About My Soul?
A guide to understanding contracts. Originally published in Woodworks Ezine.
Keywords: contracts, legal

~ Work for Hire
A comprehensive guide to work for hire contracts - what they are and when they're good. Originally published in Epitome.

~ Pricing Your Art (Commissions)
It's not always easy to put a pricetag on your own artwork. This article is on how to charge for commissioned work.

~ ABCs of Paper Sizes
A helpful look at what standardized paper sizes mean and where they came from. Originally published in Woodworks ezine

~ Romancing the Art Director
How to make an art director love you. Originally published in the "Romance" themed issue of EMG-Zine.

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