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Ellen has projects like most people have hairs on their heads, and keeps sprouting more.

She has been doing fantasy art since 1980, when she wrote her first illustrated book at the age of 4. Fortunately, she has improved a little since then, and has no shame in sharing her embarrassing progression, as well as all the little art and business tricks she's picked up.

She began making art a serious business in 1993, and had her Dad counter-sign her first business license so she could start selling fantasy stationery through mail-order. This quickly expanded to include other artists' work, developed a website, and was soon an impressive business hosting the work of more than 200 artists, with products like cards, mousepads, purses, t-shirts, and even soaps and teas. She has since streamlined to carrying only coloring books, aimed at adults, which she has been printing since 1997.

She lives in Alaska with her husband, a polydactyl cat named Velcro, a newfoundland-mix dog who outweighs her and loves everyone, and a three-year-old daughter who steals dishtowels. They happily coexist in a house they built in the middle of a birch forest in Alaska. When Ellen isn't coding and drafting to bring in money, she is illustrating her own stories and dreaming up new projects to inflict on the fantasy art community.

Ellen has a college degree in mechanical engineering with an emphasis on aerospace, and a minor in art.

Someday, maybe she'll come up with a truly interesting biography.

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