Shifting Sands Resort signed books and Swag!

Shifting Sands Resort: fated mates, fiery passion, and thrilling mystery on an island of secrets for shifters only! Ten books, three novellas, and twenty-two short stories in four sizzling volumes. Read it on Amazon in Kindle Unlimited or listen to it in audiobook!

PLEASE NOTE. I do not keep many books in stock. Please allow up to eight weeks for printing and sketching and shipping to and from Alaska - or contact me if you have a rush request and would like a more exact estimate. I'll do my best to meet your deadlines! For more book goodies, stickers, swag, and more, check out the full fiction catalog!

NEW: Thawing His Hart paperback: $15.00 or in Kindle Unlimited on Amazon
Book a vacation to Shifting Sands in this Christmas novella full of humor, healing, hope, and sizzling love. Robert returns to the island that destroyed his life. Felicity is hiding secrets that might get her kicked off the island...and someone is trying to ruin Christmas!

Other individual paperbacks: $16 each, signed and sketched.

Shifting Sands Resort sketched and signed hardcover swag box (US only): $155.00

This amazing box includes all four volumes of the Shifting Sands Resort Omnibus, in gorgeous jacketed hardcover with metal corners, each one signed and sketched, as well as Thawing His Hart. You'll also get a selection of postcards, bookmarks, stickers and your choice of earrings or a keychain from teensy mini-book charms! It all ships in a priority flat rate box, and US shipping is included in the price.

Individual Shifting Sands Hardcovers (US only): $42.00

A signed and sketched copy, includes US priority mail shipping!

Shifting Sands Swag Pack: $7.50
This is a collection of four signed bookplates, and a selection of bookmarks, stickers, and postcards, available internationally with shipping included.

Sketched Shifting Sands Swag Pack: $20.00
As above, but your bookplates are sketched as well as signed!

Shifting Sands book charm earrings or keychains: $20.00
Darling little books with actual (blank) pages. Price includes US or International shipping.

For more book goodies, stickers, swag, and more, check out the full fiction catalog!

Print on Demand Swag

You can also find shirts, stickers, bottles and more with Shifting Sands Resort and Shifting Sands Academy at RedBubble.

Looking for whiskey glasses and larger mugs? There is also a selection of work at Printify!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will this be available?:

I will probably close orders January through February for a holiday break and MAY reopen them in the future. No promises - it definitely depends on demand and workload.

Where's Shifting Sands Academy?

I have some ideas and even a cover, but I've got a bunch of other projects on my desk that I want to tackle first!

Will you offer more sketched books?:

If there is interest, I may add other paperbacks! I am planning to do hardcovers of a special edition of Fae Shifter Knights...but I've got some other goodies to finish for that first. You can also subscribe to my Patreon for sketched paperbacks of every new release. (Please keep in mind that I am one of several Zoes and can only speak for Green Valley Shifters, Fae Shifter Knights, and Shifting Sands Resort.)

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