A Unicorn Key

It's my Secret Passion Project! I've been working on this for years now, and it's finally finished and ready to release! I'll be crowdfunding the printing of a gorgeous and heartfelt deck of unicorn oracle cards on Backerkit. Register to follow the project at Backerkit now, or sign up for my mailing list updates (scroll down!) so you know when it launches! There will be some limited tiers you might not want to miss...

Want a little sneak preview? Here's a free layout page to download, print, color (optionally!), and use for reading with any oracle or tarot deck.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost? 

There will be several options, but the basic deck will start at $55. This price will INCLUDE US shipping, a mini guidebook, and a box. (The initial box will be a cardboard tuck box, like you get with playing cards, but prettier. I'm hoping the campaign will do well enough to upgrade to gorgeous magnetic book boxes!) $70 will include an 8.5 x 11 inch paperback Companion Guidebook, printed in color. There will be additional goodies, swag, and original artwork available!

Can I get the deck in other countries?

Yes! You will be charged actual shipping cost (less the cost of US shipping) when the project closes and we have final weights and packaging. Expect an additional charge of $15-$30, depending on your country and your specific options. YOU MAY ALSO BE CHARGED IMPORT CHARGES OR CUSTOMS BY YOUR GOVERNMENT BASED ON VALUE. I cannot guarantee what these charges will be. (And no, I will not forge documentation. Please don't ask.)

When will the decks be delivered?

I'm hopeful for a November delivery date for the US and December for the rest of the world. I'll be pushing for much earlier, but I know how many moving parts this project has, and I'm working in plenty of padding for things to go wrong.

Can I get this deck without pledging on Backerkit?

I'm running a crowdfunding campaign rather than just setting these up for sale because the more I order at one time, the cheaper the decks become and the more features I can spring for - like the magnetic book box, extra cards, and gold foiling. Once the project reaches its funding goal, I WILL be accepting preorders off the Backerkit site, and these orders WILL count towards our stretch goals. But the project has to fund on Backerkit first! Backerkit will also have some limited tiers that will not be available off site. I highly recommend signing up at Backerkit to make sure the project succeeds!

Why Backerkit and not Kickstarter?

I've done a number of lovely campaigns on Kickstarter, but I support Backerkit's decision not to allow AI art on their platform. They are a trusted business (a lot of Kickstarters used their services already!) and I've enjoyed their transparency and customer service.

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