Fire and Rescue Shifter is an incredible series written by another of the amazing Zoes. If you haven't read this series, start with the first one, Firefighter Dragon or with the first 3-book collection

If you have already read them, you will recognize the amazing, grouchy healer Hugh, star of Firefighter Unicorn, and you will recognize that he's standing in a sea of ivy for a reason... I have never claimed to be terribly subtle in my art. :P

This was not originally intended to be included in Splendrix, but I loved this piece ridiculously and it fit neatly with the rest, displacing an older piece that I wasn't quite as happy with.

This page is included in Splendrix, my fourth full-size solo coloring book.

This design is available on the following products:

Splendrix, $10.00

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