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I have written a 10 book series under the name Zoe Chant: Shifting Sands Resort. While I would LOVE to offer signed paperbacks, the logistics and expense of shipping to and from Alaska are just too much. You can buy the paperbacks directly from Amazon and get the next best thing: signed bookplates! I even give you the option of sketching an animal on it!

These aren't too fancy (the paper backing says Office Depot... heh), but they stick well and will give your book that extra, personal touch. The simple signed bookplates are 2.5 x 3.5 inches. The sketched bookplates are 4 x 4 inches and don't include the bottom part of the artwork. Please contact me with your animal request and any details about who you'd like it signed to... or "by."

All bookplates include worldwide shipping. I also have a selection of irregular pre-sketched bookplates available at half price, first come, first served: at this album. Contact me to claim!

(And no, you don't have to buy the paperbacks to order a bookplate - you can stick them to anything you'd like. Your Kindle? Your kids*?)

*Not recommended for application to your children.

This design is available on the following products:

(5) sketched bookplates, $45.00

sketched bookplate, $15.00

(5) signed bookplates, $15.00

signed bookplate, $5.00

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