The Royal Dragons of Alaska by Elva Birch

Romance, magic, and deadly secrets in an alternate Alaska ruled by a dragon-shifting monarchy.

Royal inheritance in the Small Kingdoms Alliance is dictated by a magical document, the Compact, which selects those who rule by finding them a mate. But what happens when there's more than one?

Reluctant royalty! Relentless enemies! Dogs! Camping! Disability! Libraries! Forced proximity! Soulmates!

Discover a rich, interesting world just askew of familiar, with supportive heroes and diverse heroines. Fast-paced and full of feeling, fall in love with a kingdom where being royalty is more hiking boots and hockey than it is crowns and curtsies. A complete six-book series with a thrilling conclusion!

You can also buy ebooks on Amazon or read it for free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription, here!

All six paperbacks, sketched and signed, with US shipping included. $90 (Contact me for international shipping costs!)

Individual paperbacks, sketched and signed. $16 each, US shipping calculated in the cart. (Contact me for international shipping costs!)

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