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I really took off in 1993. I mean, I'm still only showing off a teensy percentage of what I did, but I filled up a stack of sketchbooks about 10 inches high in '93 alone. I did the same in 1994, but I like more of those, so '94 may have three or more parts. It tapers off after that, because I did more time-intensive, finished pieces after that. Hold onto your pants, this gets long.

It was late in 1992 that I discovered and promptly devoured the ElfQuest novels. You probably noticed the big-eyed influence in the last post, and probably the hair, too. I looked at the EQ drawings and totally clicked with the hair. What I didn't show you (aren't YOU grateful) are the several dozen copies I did, ranging through the good, the bad and the very ugly. Learned the hard way that ink over heavy prismacolor isn't easy. Utterly fell in love with inking in general. My similar-minded, geeky HS friends started up a Holt. I gleefully joined. Did someone say 'project?' Mostly, we created characters, wrote gawdawful stories about them, did sparring with padded sticks, got together in costumes and... I don't know what we did, exactly. Some members complained that we didn't do 'holty' enough stuff, some members thought we were too strict about doing 'holty' stuff. It was a pretty good group of folks, but really all over the spectrum.

At that point, I'd never heard of a fanzine, but we made one (though we called it a 'newsletter'). The initial issue had some poetry, an opinion piece... I don't really remember, it was short, but it was love at first sight! THIS was what I wanted to do! Our leader (honestly, these people might not WANT to be immortalized by name here...) quit to investigate some religious leanings, and handed the reigns to me. I'll be the first to admit it. I was obsessive. I am, have you noticed? Obsessive gets it done, and holy moly, I loved this 'zine.

It was called Currents, our Holt was Shattered Rivers. We put out six issues between 1993 and 1994 before the internal structure of the Holt (and stuff like graduation and real lives) tore up the group. A seventh issue tied things up and said farewell several months later, in 1995. A lot of the art I did during this time was for this fanzine. It was ink, mostly small filler pieces, and mostly of my character, Solo.

Solo, bless her heart, is a complete humiliation. All those things we mock Internet newbies for? I did 'em. She was me, with all my features, but an elf, with a tragic, dark past, and all these *quirks* that made her 'special' and 'unique.' I wrote a comic for her arrival at our holt - you've never read anything so angsty, and you won't get a chance to read this one. Unfortunately, I can't find it, or I'd drag that dirty underwear out, too! I have no shame! I never finished it, except in pencils, realizing at some point that it *really* wasn't worth it. So, here's the art:

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